Film-maker, author and one half of creative studio theSRK. Originally from London, I moved to Cambodia, then to Indonesia and now i'm in Bangkok, Thailand.

This blog is little a look at the work I do, and the journeys i'm on.

check our site The SRK for more info

>> selected work <<

+Bassweight // 61min documentary on the dubstep scene. Get it at BassweightDVD.com & check the trailer

+ Soka Afrika // an 82min docufilm on how young African footballers make it in Europe...take a look at the intro

+ Graffiti Asia // a book & 24min film documenting graffiti in Asia. Amazon

+ Stickerbomb 1&2 - books that are full of peelable stickers..get them at Laurence King Publishing

+ Rackgaki // a book & 30min film documenting graffiti in Japan...find it at Laurence King Publishing

>> friends and family <<

Cinema Iloobia
Beating Tracks//Ghana
OpenSauce Music//UK/HK

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    Brighton 07.. Still standing with a cameo from GSD…

    i definitely got a flick of this somewhere


    The RK Gallery Brighton. 2003-2009.. I loved my tube doors! The UK’s 1st Graffiti Art Gallery..

    …I did a lot of learning there :)

    Also got these sick prints courtesy of Rarekind, London, UK!

    Bigups for the AROE print, the Das print and the Zomby print — all UK legends!

    Dasr / Omerta,London 

    What would we have done without the RKfamily…


    for years we worked with Rarekind, doing bits of video work, helpin at the shop, bein around…

    we’re very proud to be a part of the Rarekind history with so many others…so gotta large up original Rarekind crew and of course The Fam..

    our brothers at Rarekind have got some screenprints selling at the moment.They also got a  Private View at the Eastpack store on Carnaby Street central London Dec 9th!..

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