Film-maker, author and one half of creative studio theSRK. Originally from London, I moved to Cambodia, then to Indonesia and now i'm in Bangkok, Thailand.

This blog is little a look at the work I do, and the journeys i'm on.

check our site The SRK for more info

>> selected work <<

+Bassweight // 61min documentary on the dubstep scene. Get it at BassweightDVD.com & check the trailer

+ Soka Afrika // an 82min docufilm on how young African footballers make it in Europe...take a look at the intro

+ Graffiti Asia // a book & 24min film documenting graffiti in Asia. Amazon

+ Stickerbomb 1&2 - books that are full of peelable stickers..get them at Laurence King Publishing

+ Rackgaki // a book & 30min film documenting graffiti in Japan...find it at Laurence King Publishing

>> friends and family <<

Cinema Iloobia
Beating Tracks//Ghana
OpenSauce Music//UK/HK

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    Jakarta recently lost a a pioneer writer of the scene here. Rest In Piece Rudy Cahyadi also known as ARKS or ANSWER4. The man was a legend in Jakarta and was a lovely guy. He’ll be sorely missed and its quite a sad time for the scene — we all had some good nites together and just wanna say hold it up Rudy wherever you’re at mate! bigups..


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